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Drupal CEO Network connects the leading minds of the Drupal industry. It’s for Drupal business leaders who lead sustainable and profitable Drupal businesses and share ambitious growth plans. 

About Drupal CEO Network

Janne Kalliola and Michel van Velde have founded the Drupal CEO Network to share frank and honest advice from fellow Drupal CEOs on how to lead your business. With a minimum amount of time invested, you can grow your business and overcome hurdles other CEOs have already taken.

The Drupal CEO Network accelerates the learning curve of Drupal Business Executives by sharing experience from around the globe. The Drupal CEO Network facilitates high quality peer meetings designed for maximum take home value as well as notorious dinners where knowledge is shared in a noncommercial safe environment.

Upcoming events

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Drupal Business Survey 2019

The purpose of the Drupal Business Survey is to gain insights into the key issues that Drupal agency owners and company leaders worldwide face. The survey aims to inform and stimulate the debate on how Drupal companies are doing and how Drupal fits in business-wise.

Survey analysis for 2018
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Drupal CEO Dinner

The Drupal CEO Dinner is the annual gathering of Drupal CEOs and company leaders from all across Europe and takes place on Tuesday October 29, 2019.

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Drupal CEO CFO CTO Group on LinkedIn

This LinkedIn group is for Drupal CEOs, CFOs and CTOs only to discuss the future, strengths and opportunities that come with the Drupal content management system.

Drupal CEO Network Group on

This group on is especially for Drupal agency leaders to learn from each other's experiences, challenges, best practices and insights from their peers.


Michel van Velde

We're very proud to have built an invaluable network that gives Drupal CEOs the opportunity to discuss pressing industry-related challenges with like-minded people.

- Michel van Velde

Kresten Wiingaard

I find the Drupal CEO network essential for new knowledge, learning and inspiration among fellow peers. We might be very different, but the bottomline is, that we all face the same challenges and goals. So I can only encourage all Drupal CEOs to take part in this network - and especially the yearly CEO dinner @drupalcon week.

- Kresten Wiingaard from

Baddy Sonja Breidert

Drupal CEO network is very important for me, expecially the exchange that takes place on events that are organised by the network. Since I attended the first event, my company has grown by 100%. It is sometimes painful and therefore important to be able to quickly search advices experienced CEOs that have already been through the same phase and can give you some valuable advices.

- Baddy Sonja Breidert - Founder of 1xINTERNET

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